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About Essity/ Former SCA Hygiene Products

Dedicated to improving well-being

Essity's heritage goes back to 1929. Our hygiene expertise runs deep in our business, beginning with the acquisition of the Swedish company Mölnlycke in 1975.

We are dedicated to improving well-being through leading hygiene and health solutions.

Our operations are based on a sustainable business model that contributes to a circular society focused on value creation for people and nature.

We have the knowledge, experience, products and solutions, as well as the commitment to contribute to improving hygiene standards worldwide. We educate children about the importance of washing their hands, girls about menstruation and puberty, nurses and caregivers about incontinence care. We support women to be able to fully participate in society; socially, educationally and professionally.

Better hygiene and health are necessities for better lives and our products and solutions play an essential role in improving well-being for everybody, everywhere

About Essity

Essity at a glance

Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company that develops, produces and sells Personal Care (Baby Care, Feminine Care, Incontinence Products and Medical Solutions), Consumer Tissue and Professional Hygiene products and solutions.

Sales are conducted in approximately 150 countries under many strong brands, including the leading global brands TENA and Tork, and other brands, such as Leukoplast, Libero, Libresse, Lotus, Nosotras, Saba, Tempo, Vinda and Zewa.

Essity has about 48,000 employees and net sales in 2016 amounted to approximately SEK 101bn (EUR 10.7bn).

The company has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Essity used to be part of the SCA Group.

In Essity A/S in Denmark we are 95 employees working with sales and marketing.

Brands sold in Denmark: Libero, Libresse, Lotus, Tork, Tena, Jobst, Leuko, Cutimed, Delta, Actimove

Vision og mission

Vision og mission

SCA's vision
“We will make a difference by providing essentials for everyday life”

SCA's mission
To sustainably develop, produce, market and sell increasingly value-added products and services within hygiene and forest products markets for customers and consumers.

Satisfying needs through understanding of customers and consumers, knowledge of local and regional market conditions and superior go-to-market approaches, combined with global experience, strong brands, efficient production and innovation.

Sustainability Effect
Essity is in the business of creating value for people and nature – value that benefits our customers and consumers, employees and shareholders, as well as the environment and the communities we serve.

Ambitions for the future
In 2012, Essity presented a number of ambitions for nature and people. These ambitions are visionary and future oriented and indicate the direction in which we want to move.

Nature ambitions
We deliver sustainable solutions with added value for our customers based on safe, resource-efficient and environmentally sound sourcing, production and development.

We combat climate change and minimise our impact on the environment through a combination of new innovations and technologies, efficiency gains, consumer initiatives and carbon sequestering in our forests.

We care for the forests with all of their biodiversity and we are committed to managing and utilising them responsibly. We aim to maximise the benefits our forests have on our ecosystem, climate, customers and society.


People ambitions
We build our position as one of the most trusted companies in the world, delivering sustainable growth and value for our stakeholders.

We improve hygiene standards worldwide with our hygiene solutions. For the millions of existing users of our products and services, and for the billions of people in emerging markets, we develop innovative solutions that make it easier to live healthy, sustainable lives.

We support women’s empowerment and their freedom to participate fully in society – socially, educationally and professionally – across the world by giving them access to and education about hygiene solutions.



Essity's business

Essity develops, produces and sells products and solutions within the Business Areas Personal Care, Consumer Tissue and Professional Hygiene.


Essity offers products and services within these areas: consumer tissue, Professional Hygiene Solutions, incontinence care, baby care, feminine care and through BSN medical we develop, manufacture, markets and sells products in wound care, compression therapy and orthopedics.

Personal Care

The Personal Care business area includes Incontinence Products, Feminine Care, Baby Care and Medical Solutions.

Consumer tissue

The Consumer Tissue business area’s product offering includes toilet paper, household towels, handkerchiefs, facial tissues, wet wipes and napkins.

Professional Hygiene

Professional Hygiene business area targets institutions and companies, and includes complete hygiene solutions, including toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, hand soap, hand lotion, hand sanitizers, dispensers, cleaning and wiping products, sensor technology and service and maintenance.


Work at Essity

Are you looking for a life-inspiring career?

At Essity we are dedicated to improving well-being through leading hygiene and health solutions. Working with Essity is not just a career; it is a chance to directly make the world a healthier, more hygienic and safer place.

At Essity every career is as unique as the individual. We know our employees are our most important resource. With worldwide opportunities and a winning culture, we have a career that is right for you!

Work at Essity

At Essity our ambition is to increase health and hygiene standards across the world. To do this we depend on motivated, competent and high-performing employees.

We want to be your employer of choice and we challenge you to have the personal drive and daringness to be innovative and courageous. Essity encourages everyone to think outside the box, which creates a fun, innovative and inspiring work environment.

Our culture is a crucial part of our core values. We strive to keep our employees engaged and motivated through giving responsibility, expecting accountability, and by involving and empowering our people. We support you in your journey by giving and taking continuous feedback.

More information about career opportunities in Essity at: www.essity.com.


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