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About Solar

In 2014, Solar Group revenue totalled around DKK 10.3bn. The group currently employs around 3,000 employees.

Solar A/S is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen with the short designation SOLAR B and has been listed since 1953. The stock is included in the MidCap+ index.

The chairman of the Solar Group Board of Directors is associate professor, lic. scient. Jens Borum. The Executive Board of the company is in the hands of CEO Anders Wilhjelm and CFO Michael H. Jeppesen.

Solar A/S was founded in Kolding in 1919 under the name Aktieselskabet Nordisk Solar Compagni.

The Solar Group is one of Northern Europe's leading sourcing and services companies. 

Solar offers a wide range of products and services, mainly within electrical, heating, plumbing and ventilation technologies

At Solar we believe in the power of yes. We are marketing 215,000 products but selling only one-of-a-kind solutions. The ability to understand and meet our customers’ needs is fundamental to our success.

Solar unites warehouse and distribution strengths with technical and marketing competences and support in one unique concept. We provide products, knowledge and solutions.

The group has subsidiaries in Denmark incl. the Faroes, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Austria.



In 1919, a young businessman of vision, Jacob L. Jørgensen, saw that the industrialisation and electrification of society was creating a new need.

Jacob L. Jørgensen founded the trade, import and wholesale company Nordisk Solar Compagni, which sold electricity meters and other electric components from Kolding. During the first years, the company had very modest surroundings because the founder emphasised the principle of “living within one’s means” from the very beginning. Already in 1923, the company was doing so well that Nordisk Solar Compagni could move to the stately building ”Borgen” in the middle of Kolding. Solar had its headquarters here until 2014.

The business area has developed a great deal – in accordance with the possibilities that have arisen to expand. For example, Solar produced radios for nearly 40 years, and this production did not cease until 1958. During the 1980s, Solar entered no less than three new areas. Firstly, the offshore market which developed when the extraction of oil and natural gas gained momentum in the North Sea.

Secondly, the product range was expanded to including industrial technical products. And shortly after, Solar became a distributor of accessories for consumer electronics by acquiring the company Rudolph Schmidt A/S, which under the name Aurora Group is one of Scandinavia’s leading companies within its field today. Solar disposed of Aurora Group in 2013.

Solar’s product range grew wide and this showed on the revenue which in 1984 exceeded one billion Danish kroner.

Safety systems, network connections and telecommunication equipment were added to the product range in the 1980s and 1990s and in 2005, Solar introduced heating, plumbing and ventilation components to the product range.

Today, Solar offers a wide range of products and services, mainly within electrical, heating, plumbing and ventilation technologies and defines itself as a sourcing and services company.

Furthermore, Solar is an international, listed company. In 1985, Solar established its first subsidiary outside Denmark – in the Faroes – and since then, companies have been established in Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Belgium and Austria.

The controlling interest in Solar is held by a fund, the Fund of 20th December, which is controlled by descendants of the founder’s family.

Group Structure

Our values

Our values

Running a company with an ambitious growth strategy in a dynamic and highly competitive market takes more than a good business plan and brilliant employees. At Solar, we have defined the core values that make us unique as a company. These are the guiding principles in everything we do.

We share ideas, knowledge and experiences, because we are stronger together.

Teamwork ensures the best use of our competences, and we make an extra effort to reach our goals and improve our ways of working.

We bring joy to work and celebrate successes together.

We create a Solarian culture built on spirit and drive.

We acknowledge that our positivity, empathy and respect make us better colleagues.

We create an attractive workplace with room for personal and professional development.

We value trust and individuality.

We dare to be innovative and take the first step.

We are persistent and seek a constructive and open dialogue in our daily work.

We challenge each other and constantly seek new opportunities.

We embrace change and encourage each other to take responsible action.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Solar is a registered partner of the UN’s Global Compact

The group reports our CO2 emissions and observance of ethical standards.

10 principles
At the end of 2009, Solar registered as a partner in the UN’s Global Compact. This means that Solar has established a reporting system for activities covered by Global Compact’s 10 principles, which encompass human rights, working environment/labour, environment and anti-corruption.

By signing up for Global Compact, Solar meets the reporting requirements of the Danish authorities applicable as from 2009. We have established a reporting system for the company's CO2 consumption. The system has been rolled out in all the group's subsidiaries and the first measurements have been completed.

We have agreed to follow up on:

• Reporting of CO2 emissions. Solar has signed up for the Carbon Disclosure Project by preparing a Carbon Footprint, a standardised statement of the group’s emission of greenhouse gasses provided as information for customers and collaboration partners and used as a tool in introducing activities that reduce negative effects on the environment.

Solar’s CSR report 2014

• Solar has implemented a Code of Conduct across the group. Under the code, Solar is committed to complying with current legislation and regulations and to act in an ethical, sustainable and socially responsible way in all its business activities. The ethical standards will be an integral part of all new employees' introduction programmes.

• All Solar supplier agreements already include a clause in which suppliers commit themselves to observing the Global Compact principles. This policy will continue and its level of observance will be measured on an ongoing basis.

Information channels
Solar’s annual report and website www.solar.eu will be our primary information channels for our corporate social responsibility work, some of which will be implemented as cross-disciplinary projects involving various professions from our organisation.

Solar wants to make it clear that we are committed to the UN’s Global Compact Programme. We see our involvement in the programme as an asset in relation to customers and suppliers and a clear advantage in respect of attracting and maintaining employees. In addition, there is the need for and a desire to be seen as a company in which both Danish and foreign investors can safely invest – also from an ethical standpoint.

UN Global Compact – Communication on Progress



One focus and three priorities:

Focus: Profitably grow our business

Priority: Strengthen our position as a Northern European sourcing and services company

• Strengthen focus on value creation beyond classic business model

• Expand business and scope where synergies can be harvested

Priority: Improve performance by complexity reduction and operational excellence

• Strengthen sourcing and supply chain

• Maintain and strengthen e-business leadership

• Leverage common platforms (systems, processes)


Priority: Focus on customer needs

• Understand Solar’s role and ability to create value to each customer segment

• Strengthen ability to differentiate offer to customer segments’ preferences

• Open minds to new business opportunities


Financial targets

Financial ratio                                                    Period                    Target

Equity ratio                                                      2014-2015        35-40%

Gearing (NIBD/EBITDA), no. of times               2014-2015        1.5-2.5

Payout ratio (of earnings after tax)                 2014-2015        35-45%


Our business concept Solar 8000 includes the establishment of:

  • Group standardised business processes supported by the IT system SAP 
  • The same IT platform in all key markets
  • One frame of reference within management

Read more about Solar 8000 

As a sourcing and services company Solar operates within the following product areas:

    • Electrical
    • Installation material
    • Lighting
    • Industrial automation
    • Cable
    • Marine/offshore
    • Communication/data
    • Security
    • Heating
    • Plumbing
    • Ventilation
    • Air conditioning & refrigeration
    • Renewable energy



Business areas

- Indoor
- Outdoor
- Industrial
- Flood light
- Emergency

- Contactors
- Drives
- PLC systems
- Safety
- Detection & push-buttons

- Intruder alarm systems
- Access control
- Fire alarm systems
- Active protection

- Fans
- Air handling units
- Air diffusers
- Air ducts
- Extraction arms

Marine & Offshore
- Installation materials
- Cables
- Trunking
- Lighting
- Control, monitoring & surveillance

Renewable Energy
- Heat pumps
- Solar heating
- Photovoltaic
- Mounting systems

- Switches & socket outlets
- Cable trunking systems
- DIN-rail material
- Enclosures
- Tools
- Photovoltaic (PC)

- Antenna & CATV
- Networks
- Telecommunication
- AV equipment
- BMS (Building Management Systems)

Heating & Plumbing
- Boilers & radiators
- UFH & heating accessories
- Water heaters
- Tubes & pipe systems
- Sanitary and bathroom solutions

- Buildings
- Tele & communication
- Fire resistant
- Marine & offshore
- Industrial & special cables

- Cables
- Enclosures
- Lighting & poles
- Broadband
- Utility accessories

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This is who we are

This is who we are

Solar is a proud and ambitious company supplying the construction, building and energy sectors in most of Northern Europe. At Solar, we owe our success to service-minded employees who love to turn opportunities into results. Employees able to have fun while working hard on smart solutions, and who glow with pride in our shared achievements.

Together, we’re one of Northern Europe’s leading sourcing and services companies, marketing 215,000 products but selling only one-of-a-kind solutions. We pursue a determined, cross-border expansion strategy and fight hard to establish, maintain and justify our reputation as best in class wherever we go.

We make it our business to sell and deliver the solutions that help our customers optimise their processes, grow their businesses, deliver better projects - and generate greater earnings while saving energy and lowering CO2 emissions.

Do you have what it takes?

As an employee in Solar, you’ll be in company with 3,300 can-do people who believe in the power of yes. And if you’re blessed with the same drive and initiative, you’ll fit right in.

At Solar, we ask a lot of our employees because we know they can deliver. And we expect our employees to ask a lot of us when it comes to their professional and personal development. We want people who take responsibility and action - because that’s the only way we’ll thrive and grow in a highly competitive market.

So when we say welcome to the land of can-do, that’s no joke. That’s our guiding philosophy. Whatever our customers ask for and whenever they ask for it, we deliver. That goes for the way we treat each other, too.

Job profiles

Solar sales people are driven by their business acumen and initiative and will do anything to get the best possible deal.

Our market experts are superior strategic negotiators their business mindset and market understanding are backed up by intimate knowledge of our product range.

Supply chain
Solar supply chain experts are driven and fascinated by systems and optimisation. Their thoroughness and attention to detail is a great part of what makes Solar tick.

Our IT specialists harness the power of the silicon chip and puts it at our disposal. Their fascination with electronic devices, thirst for challenges and the desire to always make things work smarter, faster gives us an edge in the day to day running of our company.

Solar executives add a keen eye for potential, both in business and in people, to their impressive knowledge of our products and markets.

Our support professionals keep track of invoices and finances, they communicate, support and deliver information and services to our customers and internally. They thrive in an international atmosphere and operate with efficiency and with respect for different cultures and ethics.

Our warehouse colleagues are the ones that know their warehouses like the backs of their hands. They take pride in getting a good job done and earning the respect of their colleagues. 


Personal development

Solar has been on a continuous journey of expansion, invention and entrepreneurship since the beginning in 1919. Over the years, the success of our company has been secured by employees able to see new opportunities and demands before the rest of the pack. Employees willing to go above and beyond expectations.

That’s why at Solar, we know that our future development as a company depends on developing and holding on to our employees. To this end, we offer a variety of training programmes where we take you from most likely to most valuable, while feedback and mentoring in your day-to-day job adds the finishing touch. To top it off we do business in several countries, meaning lots of opportunities for trying your hand in cross-border projects and exchanging knowledge with foreign colleagues through our competence communities.

In short, if you’re serious about your career, we’d like to get serious about you.

At Solar, the growth of our company and our business is closely linked to the growth of our employees. As we are very serious about growth, you can count on us to provide you with the best possible settings for you to take charge and make the most of your career - no matter which career path you choose.

Generally speaking, Solar offers three different career paths, all with international perspectives and plenty of possibilities for professional development.

Business experts:
Whether you’re in sales or IT, or whether you’re a market specialist or a supply chain wizard, we have the challenges, opportunities and development programmes to let you specialise further and take you from great to outstanding.

If your talents lie in spotting potential, setting the right teams to conquer new markets and turning grand visions into great results, our leadership programmes are designed to make you the sort of leader you’d want to follow yourself.

Project and process specialists:
Whether you’re into optimising processes, making teams work together like well oiled machinery or making a warehouse tick like clockwork, we have plenty of programmes in place to help you get even better.

Solar Business Academy

At Solar, we value ambition and enthusiasm above all else. In fact, we’re probably as ambitious on your behalf as you yourself are. Bluntly put, we need you to succeed because that means we succeed. To make this happen, we’ve established the Solar Business Academy. Here, Solar managers, business experts and project managers have the opportunity of adding new skills to their CV, optimising their careers and gaining valuable knowledge and business insights.

Whether you want to strengthen your project management skills, aim for developing as a manager to drive outstanding business results, or enhance your skills in your area of responsibility, Solar Business Academy offers relevant courses that are linked to our strategic goals.

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