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Up-to-date accessible information plays a key role in success in today’s ever-changing business environment, but it is often hard to come by. Gathering data in complex organisations can take so much time that the data is outdated before it is even presented. We have all felt the impact of decisions based on insufficient data and we have seen valuable time spent, and too often wasted, on gathering data in home-made tools. Once the data is gathered, it is frequently not made available to all the relevant people and departments, or it simply drowns in the growing number of plans, goals, projects, charts and strategies that flood our work life. Without current data, we are sailing a ship without a map. This is why online collaboration tools are a solution many organisations look for these days.


A simple goal

We set a simple but ambitious goal. We will provide solutions that help businesses achieve their fullest potential. We will create solutions that continuously provide all levels of management with the necessary information while making these tools intuitive and easy to use for all involved. Simply put: all the information, at any time with none of the hassle.


Get rid of the bottleneck

What most systems designed to manage project execution, handle risks and corporate controlling have in common, is that they are complex to use and, as a result, often managed by a few persons through whom all data, both in and out, flows. RISMA Systems has developed the RISMAbusiness suite which facilitates effective execution of any kind of corporate initiatives.


How can your organisation benefit from using RISMAbusiness?

The suite is designed to facilitate efficient communication related to organisational projects, strategic initiatives, controls and risks. It is an intuitive system in which your employees can share knowledge about the execution of initiatives while providing you with real-time information. It is available in all the Nordic languages as well as English and German.


Use of the system ensures that there is a clear linkage between the overall objectives and the operational activities in your organisation, and that all your employees know what overall purpose their tasks support. The transparency provided in the suite drives focus and discipline in the execution, resulting in track-to-closure of the identified actions. We are, through our continued enhancements of the solution, dedicated to ensure that all levels of your business deliver their best performance.



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