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About Chr. Hansen

We are a global supplier of bioscience based ingredients to the food, health and animal feed industries, with leading positions in the markets in which we operate. We produce cultures and dairy enzymes, probiotics and natural colors. Our market positions are built on our product innovation and applications, production processes, long-term customer relationships and intellectual property.

Company profile

Our vision

Chr. Hansen's vision is to improve food and health. Nothing less, nothing more.
From our long-lasting presence and commitment to the food industry we know the importance of meeting consumer demands for healthy, safe, exciting, and convenient products – and assisting our customers, meeting their needs for innovative, flexible, and cost-effective solutions.

Our personality - see:move:reach

Our vision expresses our promise to the market. The way we are working to fulfill this promise is expressed through the way we think and operate – our personality.

Chr. Hansen is characterized by knowledge, a strong ability to make changes and the determination to reach ambitious goals. By pursuing our vision we aim at being one of the world's leading suppliers of natural ingredients and the preferred partner for our customers. This is the mindset we deploy to do it:

Our company is founded on knowledge and technology. See is about knowledge, insight and being present.

Our company is about drive, resolve and ability to change and make changes.
Move describes this ability to be dynamic, to think ahead and to take action.

We define and reach ambitious goals in innovation, working partnerships and financial results. Reach is our will and determination to get there and to see beyond.

Our history

Christian Ditlev Ammentorp Hansen, a Danish pharmacist, founder of Chr. Hansen.
He revolutionized the production of wholesome dairy products in the 1870's

Revolutionizing rennet
In 1872 Christian Ditlev Ammentorp Hansen was awarded the gold medal for a chemical treatise. His research was aimed at developing a procedure to extract pure and standardized rennet enzyme from calves' stomachs, which was used to make cheese. This new method revolutionized the production of wholesome dairy products.

Expanding the production
Christian D.A. Hansen's findings led him to establish his first rennet factory in 1874, soon moving to a larger one where he also started to produce natural colors for butter and cheese.

International from the beginning
Thanks to Christian D. A. Hansen's international outlook, companies and agents in Europe as well as in the American market were quickly established, followed later by South America, Australia and Asia.

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Our values

Chr. Hansen is still an evolving company. Many things may change, but our basic values stay the same. These values are based on those defined by the company's founder more than a hundred years ago, now in an updated version suited to a modern context.

We set challenging goals and we reach them by being ambitious, innovative and passionate about everything we do.

We are proud of doing a good job, no matter what function we are in. Motivating people and measuring results are essential as we strive for continuous improvement of our performance.

Our partners and colleagues can count on us. When we promise something, we are committed to fulfilling the decisions that have been made and deliver what has been agreed.

We work as a team - across organizational and geographical boundaries - to reach the best solutions.

We are open and honest in the way we do business and communicate.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For a company like Chr. Hansen it is important that we operate our business in a responsible way. Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is focused on creating business value while showing consideration for the planet and the people who live on it.

Triple Bottom Line - Balancing People, Planet & Profit
It is our vision to improve food and health, and everyday millions of people around the world enjoy food, beverages and dietary supplements with natural ingredients from Chr. Hansen. This commits us to conduct our business in a professional and sustainable way.

Sustainable Strongholds

We base our CSR activities on an open and honest discussion with our major stakeholders and build our progress on the areas in which we traditionally hold a strong position. Environmental performance, consumer interests and employee relations are good examples of such strongholds which have been high on our agenda for years.

Since 2003/04, Chr. Hansen has reported non-financial data with primary focus on environment, health and safety. A four-year strategy for our CSR commitment has been developed describing the vision and the key objectives relating to environmental impact, product safety, employee relations and social interaction.

From this solid platform we intend to broaden the scope of our CSR commitment to include the entire life cycle of our products and services. In September 2009, we also joined the UN Global Compact.

Engaging Stakeholders

We are in constant dialogue with our stakeholders who expect us to take a proactive approach to CSR issues. As a first step we have worked on identifying key stakeholders' needs and expectations and defining what CSR means to Chr. Hansen.

For years, environmental concerns, product safety and employee relations have been high on our agenda with special focus on our immediate stakeholders representing shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and authorities. Based on this platform, we intend to broaden the scope of our CSR activities by gradually including the entire value chain. In accordance with our objectives towards 2013, we work on defining and establishing working partnerships with NGO's and other bodies relevant to our business.

A good example of our intensified dialogue with key stakeholders is our new vendor management program enhancing product safety and risk assessment to the benefit of our customers.

Acting on our vision

We will continue to strengthen the dialogue with our stakeholders and broaden the scope of our
CSR activities to include more important issues relating to our environmental, social and ethical performance.

Looking ahead, we will work proactively to assess the potential CSR impacts - positive as well as negative - of our business activities. We also intend to broaden the scope of Chr. Hansen's CSR commitment to include other issues in compliance with the principles of the UN Global Compact.

We intend to exploit the possibilities of dialogue projects and partnerships with our stakeholders, among others the relevant UN agencies, and also to discuss how to implement the achievement of the millennium development goals as part of these partnerships. Getting a further grip on human rights within our sphere of influence is also part of our strategy.

Sustainability at work

We have a long list of good examples illustrating how we create business value
by engaging internal and external stakeholders.

In a series of case stories we illustrate ways in which we implement our strategy through
responsible operation and social involvement - important steps in building a sustainable business.

Monitoring performance

Chr. Hansen is state-of-the-art on monitoring and measuring resource efficiency
Staying focused on performance improvements

We put a lot of effort into making sure that the impact of our operations on the environment and
the surrounding society is as limited as possible. And we continually measure and document our performance with state-of-the-art monitoring methods.

Product and process innovation is an essential element in reducing environmental impact. For the coming years, we have set ambitious goals for yield increase in all our product areas, enabling us to produce more with less.

In addition to keeping close tabs on resource efficiency, we intend to establish the carbon foot print base line of our key product groups in order to get a better understanding of how to reduce potential impacts in the entire life cycle of our products and services.



We develop natural ingredients for food, pharma, nutrition and agriculture
Chr. Hansen's customers are the world's food and health industries. With our knowledge and technology we help our customers bring their products and processes into the future. We develop natural ingredient solutions such as cultures, enzymes, colors and functional systems in close cooperation with our customers and partners. Our ingredients are used in the food, pharmaceutical, nutritional and agricultural industries.

Products by area

  • Animal Health & Nutrition
  • Natural Colors
  • Dairy Cultures
  • Enzymes
  • Meat Cultures
  • Phytonutrients
  • Test Kits
  • Wine Ingredients
  • Probiotics for Human Health

Products by industry

  • Agriculture
  • Beverages
  • Cheese
  • Confectionery
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Fermented Milks
  • Fruit Preparations
  • Ice & Desserts
  • Meat
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Wine

Working partnerships

Chr. Hansen has an extensive experience in working closely with customers to find the perfect ingredient solution for their need. We think of it as Working Partnerships, beacuse it benefits both the customer and our own innovation. See case stories on our webside.

Job & career

Job & Career

We promise you a meaningfull career in a flexible and safe working environment
A global market leader in natural ingredients Chr. Hansen prospers from enthusiastic and ambitious team players who dedicate their talents to improving food and health. Through highly skilled leadership we provide you the opportunity to use and develop your competencies to their full potential together with inspiring colleagues in more than 30 countries.

Working for Chr. Hansen

The knowledge, experience and presence of the people working in Chr. Hansen build the core competencies of the business.

In relation to employees Chr. Hansen tries to:

  • Build a relationship based on mutual trust and respect on a daily basis as well as for long-term commitments.
  • Offer all employees exciting and challenging jobs with the opportunity to use their qualifications.
  • Give our employees a meaningful job that involves interaction with competent leaders and good colleagues, and fair treatment in all respects.
  • Develop employees individually by giving them appropriate opportunities both professionally and personally.

International job oppportunities

Chr. Hansen is an international company with subsidiaries located all over the world. This gives Chr. Hansen employees an international network and the positive experience of collaborating with employees from other cultures.

As an employee of Chr. Hansen you also have the opportunity to apply for a job in another country or the possibility of being offered a position abroad.

Training and development

In Chr. Hansen we seek to develop all employees in accordance with both the company's need for competencies and the employees' professional interests.

Development Interview

We have a formalized procedure that offers all employees a structured Development Interview with their leader once a year. The Development Interview has a dual purpose:

  • To lead every employee to take responsibility for his/her part of the department's goals and plans
  • To focus on the development needed to meet the goals.

The development can be carried out in various ways. As an employee you will be offered internal development programs, as well as individual programs.


Chr. Hansen offers internships or cooperation with the company in writing your thesis or possibly a Ph.D.


Chr. Hansen mainly offers internships in the area of Research, Development & Application in Hoersholm, Denmark. The main areas are:

  • Microbiology (genetics, physiology and taxonomy)
  • Biochemistry
  • Analysis (chemical, physical and sensoric)
  • Application of cultures and enzymes
  • Fermentation
  • Downstream processing.

How to apply
If you are a student at the university level within any of the abovementioned areas and you are looking for a place to get practical experience, please send us your application and resume (CV) to dkjob(at)chr-hansen.com. Please be very specific when describing your project. It is important for us to get information about:

  • Your education and practical experience
  • Your preferred area or subject
  • The period of time you have in mind
  • Your level of oral and written English.

Thesis project and Ph.D.

Most of the students who complete their final dissertation, diploma project or Ph.D. at Chr. Hansen come from the technical and/or agricultural universities, but others are equally welcome to apply.

How to apply
If you are considering writing your thesis or Ph.D. at Chr. Hansen in Denmark, please send an application and resume (CV) to job@dk.chr-hansen.com. It is important for us to get information about:

  • Your education
  • Your project idea
  • The time frame
  • What you expect from us
  • What you expect the outcome of the project to be.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Stefan Bartling

Director, International Key Accounts

Job with a global reach

The whole world is my work place. And routine is non-existing in my job

My job
Being in charge of Chr. Hansen's key accounts within the dairy industry, my job involves a lot a travelling, close to 80 days every year. It also requires cooperation and coordination with colleagues all over the world in a cross-functional network involving local sales representatives, supply chain and quality experts. On a typical day I usually start out having early morning conversations with our Asia Pacific customers and colleagues just to end up in the evening talking to the United States and Latin America. There is no routine in my job. Although we are a group of key account managers, our jobs are very different.

My responsibilities
My main responsibility is to support Chr. Hansen's customers' in implementing their strategy and overcome the challenges in building up new markets. Being a Key Account Manager also implies that we proactively help customers carry out projects with the aim of renewing and refining their product range. We do this by supplying dairy ingredients produced at the market's highest quality standards and in accordance with customers' needs and specifications.

We learn from listening to the market and following our customers' development. This ability is absolutely essential for the future success of our business.

My motivation
What really motivates me is the facilitating aspect of my job - internally with colleagues and externally with customers. Communicating with people from all kinds of different cultures and organizations, I find it very challenging to facilitate cooperation between different interests and make things go smoothly.

Investment in employee development has top priority at Chr. Hansen, and our company culture is characterized by a can-do attitude and a high degree of openness. If you have an idea or a wish for professional or personal development, then you go for it. The Chr. Hansen Academy which is primarily run by internal faculty is a fine example.

Moreover, we actively listen to the external world, e.g. peer groups in key account management.

Senior Manager of Dept. of Physiology

Scientific excellence improving food and health

We strive to bring out the best in people, with regards to scientific excellence as well as personnel development.

My job
Heading the Department of Physiology in the Innovation organization, I am responsible for research and development in the Cultures & Enzymes Division. Our mission is to understand and improve our cultures, with a high focus on genetic and molecular knowledge. I take a proactive role in fulfilling the mission as part of the Innovation Leadership Team heading almost 200 people. I am a scientist at heart and that affects, in a positive way, the way I work. Over the years, I have taken a dedicated interest in management and leadership. Personally, I want to contribute to make Chr. Hansen excel within lactic acid bacterial R&D - at every level of the organization.

My responsibilities
In the daily work, I manage and participate in several projects and strive to bring out the best in people. What I enjoy the most is deep scientific discussions to bring R&D from "great" to "excellent". At the management level I also take pleasure in contributing to form the future for Chr Hansen. When the current organization was formed, a large part of the organization at all levels was involved. This was very much about inclusion and openness to plan for the future, and in my eyes it stands as one of the most defining periods.

My motivation
The Chr. Hansen overall vision to improve food and health is important to me and is embedded in our company culture. My career path has offered many different types of positions, and becoming a manager was the result of a natural development. I have been involved in many projects with external customers and other units at Chr. Hansen outside of Denmark. This brings an interesting dimension to the work both culturally and management wise. Employees tend to stay with the company for many years, including myself. My main motivation is the balance between the level of freedom in our daily work and the fact that overall we all still manage to move in the same direction.

Innovation Director

At the interface between science and business

Think out of the box and find alternative solutions. This would be my message to anyone who wants to join the company. Working with Chr. Hansen is definitely not routine work.

My job
My job offers diversity in the sense that it combines research, business and development.
One thing is to discover and study the health promoting effects of probiotics and bacterial-associated functional foods. Another challenge is to make it available to people all over the world.

My responsibilities
As head of Innovation, I am in charge of Chr. Hansen's research activities within the field of Probiotics. This entails cooperating globally with experts - not only with colleagues within Chr. Hansen, but also with some of the most respected research institutions and universities around the world.

My motivation
What has made me stay in Chr. Hansen for more than ten years are the daily challenge combined with the opportunity for personal development. Routine work does simply not exist in my job. The most interesting part of my job is to make a difference in the market - to create an idea with my team, assess it together with selected customers early in the process, and shape it into a product that will be accepted by the market. Freedom to operate is key at Chr. Hansen. We can have that bright idea – and once it is analyzed properly and has proven commercially viable, we are free to go.

I really enjoy all aspects of my job - especially being at the interface between research and business. The high-quality research that we conduct allows us to be a preferred partner of both the business and the research & development part of the organization.

Communications Consultant

Career on the move

If you want to move in a new direction and have got the talent, there is full management back-up.

My job
As a Communications Consultant in our Corporate Communications department, I am responsible for PR and communications for various business areas such as innovation, fermented milk, meat and wine cultures. I transferred fully to our Corporate Communications department after five years of working part-time with communication and part-time as a personal assistant to the CEO. Today, I take part in all kinds of exciting communication projects; whenever there is a change project coming up, whether we are buying a company or making internal organizational changes, it always involves communication.

My responsibilities
When working with communication, the right timing is extremely important. I benefit from my thorough experience of the organization gained over many years. The fact that Chr. Hansen is a global company means that I have a much more interesting every day life at work. One of my favorite tasks is interviewing colleagues all over the world for news stories on our intranet. I talk to Brazil on the phone, I chat with Germany and I an on the mail with Spain and Italy. My job leads me to all corners of the company and I never cease to be impressed by all the top professional and highly committed colleagues I have around the world.

My motivation
Chr. Hansen is an exciting company with exciting products that concern all of us. The company has strong values and high ambitions, and there is always something going on, business-wise as well as socially!
If you want to move in a new direction and have the talent, there is full management back-up to do so. What actually moved me over the edge was when my boss said to me: "It is such a waste of talent if keep sitting here!" Today, I have moved on to a whole new career within communications after studying journalism and strategic communication to strengthen my skills.


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