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Engineering the dreams of tomorrow – today

We play an active role in the main growth themes in a world that is rapidly changing: Infrastructure, food, energy and climate are the focus of our business. Cities for millions that touch the sky. A richer harvest to feed a growing world. Keeping food fresh and our children warm in a world that can make more out of less. This is how we are Engineering Tomorrow.




Our history

Our Engineering Tomorrow mindset dates back to September 1, 1933, when Mads Clausen founded Danfoss in his parents’ farmhouse in Nordborg, Denmark. Since then, the business has grown from a solo enterprise into one of the world’s leading suppliers of energy-efficient and innovative solutions, employing a staff of more than 22,000 and with sales in more than 100 countries. Gaining an early footing on emerging markets and having a clear focus on innovative products for customers are part of the reason for this succes.

International from the start
Right from the beginning, Danfoss has had an international outlook. The company began to export to other European countries as early as 1939, and in 1949, Danfoss set up its first foreign sales company in Argentina. During the 1950s, Danfoss established itself in the USA and Germany, and when globalization began to pick up speed in the 1990s, Danfoss was prepared, with factories and sales companies in both Russia and China. Today, these four countries are Danfoss’ biggest markets.
The global market has been a cornerstone for Danfoss, long before anyone even talked about globalization, and this has provided the company with a strong international position. Danfoss was among the first to get out there on the large emerging markets and has worked purposefully to build up good relations with our customers and business partners.

Innovation as heritage
Right from Mads Clausen’s first inventions, Danfoss has been devoted to developing innovative products that meet the customers’ needs for today and tomorrow. It all started with the expansion valve to regulate refrigeration systems and continued with one of the world’s first radiator thermostats to regulate heating and the world’s first mass-produced frequency converters for the speed control of electric motors. Today, Danfoss has close to 50 different product lines and invests around 4% of its net sales in new and innovative products capable of saving the world large amounts of energy and CO2 – e.g. in food refrigeration, air conditioning, heating buildings, regulating the speed of electric motors, and in powering mobile machinery.

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Danfoss is an unlisted company owned by the Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation and the Clausen family. The Foundation is a corporate fund and, together with the Clausen family, has the majority shareholding in Danfoss A/S, the parent company of the Danfoss Group.

The Foundation and family ownership ensures a high degree of stability and continuity, as well as providing a long-term and strategic perspective in the development of Danfoss. Furthermore, the Danfoss owners reinvest a large part of the annual dividend received by Danfoss A/S, which allows extra scope for consolidation, the building of asset management, and the indirect support for Danfoss through projects and grants that have a positive impact on the company, employees and the local communities in which Danfoss is active.

Finally, the Foundation and family ownership means that Danfoss, through the Foundation, also has a strong focus on supporting activities within charitable and non-profit areas.

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Core & Clear

Our Aspiration:
We are engineering tomorrow. We passionately push boundaries on results and reputation.

Our Promise:
We earn customer loyalty through excellence in Quality, Reliability and Innovation.

Our Behaviour:
We build our business on trust and integrity. We are innovative in our ambition to exceed expectations. We are global and embrace diversity. We treasure sustainable results.


Danfoss plays an active role in sustainable global development, where social responsibility, the environment and climate considerations go hand-in-hand with sound business development. That is why we support the UN Global Compact, promote responsible business conduct, and work to reduce the energy footprint of our own operations.

Success needs clear organization
To reach our goals, we have established rules and guidelines governing how we will act in ethical, environmental and health and safety matters. We ensure that our employees follow our guidelines via training and compliance programs.

Organizations and systems

Safety, energy and ethical behavior
We have incorporated health and safety as important elements in all business activities, from product design and manufacturing processes to the maintenance of buildings and plants.
We optimize energy use and reduce emissions in our factories.
We train all our managers and selected employees in ethics, anti-corruption and competition law.


Use of chemicals and materials
To protect our employees and the environment, we have drawn up a list of banned substances that we don’t allow in our products and manufacturing processes. All suppliers must comply with the list and also sign our Code of Conduct, defining Danfoss’ environmental and social requirements. To make sure that all suppliers meet our requirements, we perform regular audits.

Information for customers and suppliers

Sustainability highlights
Danfoss' Sustainability Report is our Communication on Progress to the UN Global Compact on how our sustainability efforts have progressed.

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Products & solutions

Products & solutions

Browse our product catalogue
All the information you need about our entire product portfolio.

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If you want to create powerful engineering solutions, drive a sustainable future across infrastructure, food, climate and energy, Danfoss is where you’ll make a real impact.

If you are an experienced professional ready to bring forward your ideas, then Danfoss gives you the freedom to do so. If you are a graduate or student wanting to start your career, we give you a range of opportunities for growth. So start engineering tomorrow – today at Danfoss!

We are Engineering Tomorrow

Empowering you to make an impact
Engineering Tomorrow doesn’t just happen. It starts with your commitment to excellence and your determination to delve deeply into complex challenges. That’s why we empower you to take your ideas further: to apply your field of expertise, and to find ever more simple solutions to ever more complex challenges.

“We are Engineering Tomorrow” …
… a bold statement that we can back up with our strong engineering and production capabilities. Our unique combination of expertise and our relentless commitment to realizing the potential that tomorrow holds is what Danfoss is all about.

Our promise is to earn customer loyalty through excellence in: quality, reliability and innovation. With this promise, you will be part of a team that continually strives to engineer tomorrow every day. You will passionately push boundaries to ensure a more sustainable future for our business, our customers and society at large.

• We deliver high-quality products and solutions.
• We are a reliable partner for long-lasting products and solutions.
• We find innovations for solving the challenges of tomorrow.

Make a difference worldwide!
Our work in four growth areas – infrastructure, food, energy, climate – enables you to make a difference to people and businesses worldwide.

• Build, connect and optimize our cities for maximum energy efficiency, productivity and comfort.
• Provide fresh food for everyone, everywhere – from powering agricultural machinery to cooling produce in stores.
• Realize efficiency in the supply, distribution and use of energy by ensuring optimum performance with a minimum of waste.
• Deliver a higher standard of living with indoor climate solutions for optimal comfort and intelligent energy savings.

Join the Danfoss team today! Experience the satisfaction that comes with working for a global company that empowers you to make an impact.

Culture and Behaviors

Our vision of success
At the center of Danfoss as a workplace, it is our aim to empower all colleagues to make an impact. This also includes how we interact with another and customers, the decisions we make and the behaviors we exhibit.

One team – committed, open and passionate
The Danfoss culture and behaviors are put into action through our behaviors:

• We build our business on trust and integrity
• We are innovative in our ambition to exceed expectations
• We are global and embrace diversity
• We treasure sustainable results

Sustainability is part of everything we do
Sustainability at Danfoss is more than just a word. All of our activities are centered on reliability, quality and innovation for the long term: from environmentally friendly production at our factories to the final energy-efficient product for our customers.

As a member of the Danfoss team, you’ll be involved in engineering and producing solutions for the infrastructure, food, energy and climate challenges of tomorrow. The products will be designed for sustainable use in the future. They will be reliable, of high quality and innovative to have a long lifespan.

At the same time, the company has a long-standing tradition for taking corporate social responsibility seriously. Our strategy is to strongly anchor the Group’s sustainability targets and priorities into our business processes, constantly optimizing value creation for our customers, employees and the local communities we serve.


Your satisfaction matters

People drive performance
The Danfoss culture and behaviors play an integral role in how we reward and compensate our employees. In order to deliver on our promises to customers every day – to engineer tomorrow – our employees are empowered to make an impact, to exceed expectations, and to achieve sustainable results. In return, we are committed to rewarding our employees fairly for their contributions, and doing everything possible to motivate, engage and develop them.

We value and respect diversity – and our people in different countries have different needs and requirements. Danfoss offers a range of financial and non-financial rewards and benefits to support you throughout your career, to help you make an impact and remain highly engaged. Non-financial rewards include training and development, opportunities for job rotation and career advancement. Financial rewards include locally-tailored benefits and compensation packages.

Danfoss believes that how you do things is as important as what you achieve. We also believe in linking company objectives, pay for performance as well as your personal development throughout your career. We regularly ask for your feedback through our employee engagement surveys, regular team meetings and strong leader-employee dialogue.

A great place to work!
We value high performance at all levels of our organization. We believe that having fun as a team, enjoying coming to work and forming strong bonds with colleagues encourages high performance.

We recognize that your work life is just one part of your life – and our employee value proposition strives to create a work–life balance that is both satisfying and fulfilling.

Students and Graduates

Postgraduate program
Are you eager to get the most out of your master’s degree in engineering, finance, sales & marketing, supply chain or human resources? You are just a few clicks away from a global career in the heart of infrastructure, food, climate and energy.

Discover more

Student and graduate positions
Are you a student or newly graduated? Danfoss is a good way to kick start your career. Here you find an overview of all student and graduate opportunities.

Student and Graduate Portal

Individual Development

Giving you the space to grow
At Danfoss, we take your personal and professional development very seriously. We make an ongoing effort to build and develop your qualifications through on-the-job training, courses, workshops, feedback, coaching and other activities.

Training courses are available for all employees at all sites and for every career path. To ensure you’re headed in the right direction, we work on an individual development plan together with you and hold regular employee performance dialogues. These also enable us to discuss your options for further education in detail and your long-term career goals.

Danfoss also runs a "The Man on the Moon Competition" annually. It is a global competition for all Danfoss employees, providing a great opportunity to improve business skills and to help Danfoss go beyond the ordinary. It starts online where everyone can submit, comment and join teams around ideas. Thereafter 12 teams are chosen and compete with each other to win. Our Divisions look at all 12 ideas and continue supporting those they like best.

Career Paths

Many opportunities for making an impact
Would you like to take your expertise to the next level and make an impact for people around the world? Danfoss has a range of career paths for you to choose from. Our specialists and managers empower you to take your career in a new direction and achieve your visions for the future.

Career Areas

If you’re ready to make an impact, we have the career for you. Here you’ll find an overview of all career areas open to you throughout the company.

Research and Development
Set new standards in energy efficiency solutions together with global colleagues. Your contributions to Research & Development allow you to make an impact for people and businesses around the world and deliver the future – today.

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Supply Chain
Set new standards in energy efficiency solutions together with global colleagues. Your contributions to Manufacturing, Procurement and Supply Chain make an impact for people and businesses around the world and deliver the future - today.

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Sales and Marketing
Establish solid customer relationships to reach your goals of delivering the future – today. Your contribution to Sales & Marketing ensures we continue engineering solutions that make a sustainable difference.

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Information Technology
Invent smarter software solutions both for Danfoss as well as our customers. Your contribution to Information Technology enables you to make an impact on systems at the core of our products and processes.

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Finance and Accounting
Deliver value-adding data and detailed forecasts on our business and markets. Your contribution to Finance/Accounting sets the basis for our strategies enabling Danfoss to promote innovation.

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Human Resources
Ensure Danfoss remains a strong global player and continues to engineer tomorrow. Your contribution to Human Resources helps to meet the increasing need for talent in all our businesses.

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Our people

Our people

We’ve interviewed employees from different business areas who are happy to tell you about the impact they are making with the support of Danfoss. 

Discover why they joined the company, what they enjoy about their job and what makes working with us so special. Watch the videos and be inspired to join the team.

Jean-Sebastien, Supply Chain Engineer
Jean-Sebastien supports the team by turning innovative ideas into final products for our customers. He creates the environment where these new, energy-efficient products can be realized.

Sünje, Mechatronics Engineer
Having started as a student, Sünje is now a qualified engineer and has been with Danfoss for many years. She works in a global team, making a difference by integrating technology into products and solutions.

Mei, Business Controller
Once a participant in the Postgraduate Program, Mei today is a Business Controller at Danfoss who uses her global experience within finance and engineering to make an impact.

Ana Maria, Global Sales Program & Processes
Ana Maria is an enabler of improvement in the global sales and marketing organization – fostering cooperation among experts across all career areas.

Amit, Danfoss Business Systems – Product Development
In a fast-changing environment, Amit supports the team in addressing the challenges of the future with innovative solutions, and by implementing best practice processes and tools.


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