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The Product Delivery Lead is responsible for the delivery of a product or collection of related products according to the Product backlog(s). They think about building and maintaining sustainable and highly optimised teams and products maximising flow and minimising future cost of change (/TCO).

The Product Delivery Lead continually monitor technical debt and ensures the debt is managed with appropriate priority given the business context.

The Product Delivery Lead resolves impediments on behalf of the team. They will coordinate work items across multiple backlogs (acting as a Scrum of Scum master / RTE); negotiating and influencing change across products and portfolios groups where required.

The Product Delivery lead is responsible for ensuring that the teams are cost effective and are financed accordingly.

Key Responsibilities

• Building deep and trusted relationships with key business stakeholders

• Building highly effective and motivated long-standing product teams

• Ensuring teams are appropriately sized and have the correct skill blend to be effective.

• Promoting effective lean-agile methods to maximise flow

• Coaching teams and team members; promote best practice taking inspiration from the community and the wider software development industry

• Protecting the team from distractions

• Driving a mentality of ownership; a DevOps mindset to lead self-managed teams.

• Promoting a culture of learning; new ways of thinking and experimentation continually learning from experiences; inspect, adapt and continually improve

• An ability to identify and eliminate waste through process simplification or automation

Who we are looking for

The key skills that will be required by the Product Delivery Lead

• Capability development

  • Understanding software industry trends and relevant innovations in software delivery methods
  • The ability to continually identify team improvements (retrospective analysis, maturity assessments and OKR’s and KPI’s)
  • Mentoring skills; supporting and coaching excellence

• Organisational Design

  • The ability to design and build the most effective teams and team structures; capitalising on geographic benefits and maximise return on investment
  • The ability to build cultures aligned to changes in processes, systems, technology and tools

• People development

  • The ability to provide direction, support and guidance for others
  • The ability to create meaningful targets (OKR’s) for the team and monitor to conclusion

• Product Skills

  • An understanding of the trade-off between technical investments and continual delivery of business outcome
  • A good understanding of technical trends in the software development industry

The key behavioural traits expected by a Product Delivery Lead:
• Excellent leadership skills demonstrated through a servant leadership approach.
• A leader of people; who values diverse opinions
• A leader who promotes and values trust, openness and collaboration
• A leader who encourages the development of the team and the team members
• A leader who focuses on empowering teams.
• A leader who listens to their team removing challenges, and proactively manages dependencies

Your Objectives
1) Deliver milestones enabling prioritised outcomes
2) Lead & manage with data: aim at optimising value delivery by applying data on value realisation, productivity and insights from users, vendors and customers
4) Build and be part of a role model team: build a strong team that supports people who want to do their best whilst striving to be first movers on best practices e.g. from the transformational workstreams and communities of practice
5) Develop leadership, culture & engagement: be an inspiration to others

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