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Are you among the best to optimise office buildings and create value for money? Are you able to navigate the difficult waters between employees’ desires and demands from standards and regulations? Then you might be the Team Leader for Layouts & Drawings we are looking for in Danfoss Real Estate.

We are an independent organisation and operate all real estate concerns for the entire Danfoss Group. The footprint comprises 350 individual sites, a total of 1.5 million square metres of buildings and an annual investment budget of DKK 300 million. Danfoss Real Estate employs more than 250 employees. Rethink, exploit and use any option to create the best locationsReporting to the Director Portfolio Management, you will be the team leader (without personnel management) of a small team, in which each team member has his own assignments, but also covers up for other team members when needed. It will be your responsibility to optimise primarily office buildings and secondly, in a small scale, minor production facilities and storage. A large part of the work will concern execution and project management of building projects across countries and functions. Other key tasks will be to:

  • Identify local possibilities regarding new projects
  • Ensure compliance with company code and local legislation when planning new buildings/accommodations
  • Plan office layout, either from scratch or by sketches from stakeholders 

In parallel to given tasks in connection with changes, you are also expected to bring ideas and innovation regarding already used facilities, so that Danfoss always uses the given premises in an optimal way. Inspiring sparring partner and gate keeper at the same timeYour tasks will be distributed either by your leader or directly by local partners. You will work in close contact with colleagues and other stakeholders all over the world, and it is paramount that you understand and respect cultural and personal differences.

To reach your goals, also when implementing less popular changes, you will have to be able to use diplomacy and cooperation. On the other side, however, you will also need to show firm leadership and the ability to make an impact when these qualifications are needed. You will have the possibility to work from home on special occasions, but the large majority of the time, you are expected to work from the office in Nordborg.  Architect or interior designer with both new ideas and good old-fashioned skillsYou have a relevant theoretical background (Master’s degree), e.g. architect or interior designer, and some years’ experience both designing new facilities and implementing changes in existing constructions. You are a confident user of the full MS Office and Adobe applications as well as AutoCad and visualisation programmes such as Revit. You are familiar with project management and change management processes, and you have the strength to endure resistance when implementing standards and regulations. Your ability to coordinate is proven, and you motivate others by leading the way and taking responsibility. As you will work with partners globally, you need to have sterling English skills, both verbally and in writing.

For further information about the position,please contact Director Portfolio Management Henrik Skourup Hansen on +45 2055 1650.

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